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Letter from CAR President

Dear CAR members,

I am excited to briefly share with you more of what 2015 and 2016 have in store for our Association. There have been many developments for the association since our member meeting in January. To ensure we tackle everything we hope to in 2015, we’ve once again changed our meeting format from once every other month to once a quarter with committee meetings in between. This will allow us to concentrate more on various issues important to our members. The items we would like to address include information about the Workers Compensation program and improvements to the communications methods for supporting our membership through sales referrals.

The Workers Compensation Safety Program offered by Pinnacol which allows CAR members to receive a 4% discount in exchange for an acceptable experience mod and loss ratio is presenting changes for which we are trying to proactively produce positive solutions. The good news is that, within the short-term, loss ratios for the ASA/CAR Safety Group have fallen to positive lows during 2014. This means DIVIDENDS are expected to come in 2015, and projected to come in 2016 as well. This is due to great short-term performance of those within the Safety Groups, coupled with Pinnacol’s strict guidelines that has forced some out of the group.

However the workers compensation safety program which we are currently participating is likely going to be discontinued on October 1st of this year. This is the result of increased stringency in requirements Pinnacol has set for all safety groups including primarily cumulative premium numbers that are likely not going to be reached by that date as well as stricter loss ratio requirements of 55%. CAR is currently in discovery mode with Centennial Insurance and others to find a competitive and beneficial workers compensations policy alternative by the time that renewal rolls around.

There are also new requirements for all workers compensation policy holders starting April 1st of this year. Businesses are required by a law enacted in 2014 to now offer four (4) medical providers options to employees. The current requirements is two so all of you will need to find two (2) additional medical providers.  If you need any assistance achieving this whatsoever, please contact David Swanson at Centennial Insurance at 303-295-1700.

We will also be addressing the need of members to communicate effectively so that we can provide a method to promote a referral system. The hotline has, for decades now, been a large source of revenue for the association, and we are hoping to announce solid plans of new alternatives to the radio-based system later this year. The CAR Board of Directors has formed a committee this year to focus on a new “hotline”  that will be more far-reaching, inclusive, profitable, and utilized at a higher frequency than the older radio based system. The current is still useful and profitable for those still on it; but CAR leadership would like to see the entire state engaged in friendly-transactions through a line that can be implements with low initial overhead and will be easy and effective to use.  Bottom line: we’d like to see it make you money again!

We will be sure to keep you up to date on all of these moving parts. If you have any thoughts, comments or questions on any of the above, please reach out to Cheryl, myself or any of the board members.

Ryan Hochmiller
CAR President

Important News About Workers Compensation Requirements

Effective April 1, 2015 employers in Colorado are required to provide up to four (4) names of attending physicians for any employee that has suffered a workplace injury.  Please update your workers compensation information to comply with this requirement.

CAR Legislative News

Big ticket items for legislative session continue to be budget and state investment in business and infrastructure. General Assembly is now working on Long Bill or annual budget bill. While the state has over 500 million in new revenues, it now appears that there will be fight as General Assembly finds itself in a Tabor Refund situation. With Tabor and expansion of state programs, education and Medicare, there is little left of the 500 million.

For CAR members, there continues to be couple of bills of interest:

HB-1206: Recycling Tax Credits- this is aimed at equipment tax credits for waste recyclers. We are watching the bill as we may want to request a tax credit next year for motor vehicle and metal recycling as well. The bill is now awaiting appropriations committee to see if there is money to fund the effort. If this bill passes, it opens the way for a potential effort for our recyclers to gain a tax credit next year.
Late Bill: Delivery of Motor Vehicle Title in 30 Days. Used Motor Vehicle Dealers are running a late bill to address the delivery of a title in 30 days and asking for some revisions due to parties holding up the process. We just received the bill today and will forward to CAR Board for review and comment. The Used Dealers have asked for a CAR review and possible support position. This will have to one of those review and comment on-line issues as we are now into the last 30 days of the session.

Business Bills: The Regulatory Reform Act HB-1065 and SB-180, the Civil Rights Penalties Fix bill SB-069 have all been killed in the House. There appears to be little support in the House to reform the regulatory process for small businesses this year.

Spring has sprung. The end of the legislative session is quickly approaching and there will be some major late bills offered in the next few weeks. If any impact CAR we will be in touch ASAP.

RJ Hicks- Hicks & Associates


Upcoming Events


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Saturday, May 23rd, 2015 – 2:10pm

Coors Field, Denver, CO


CAR is planning a social event at the San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015. Come network with your fellow and this is a family event so bring your kids! Or reward one of your employees with a job well done.

Tickets are $27.00 and proceeds will go to support CAR initiatives.  Click here to register.

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CAR Member Profile

We want you to get to know us better. We will be featuring a member; their history in the industry and their view of the future.

In this issue we will be interviewing Mike Pratt of Mr. Badwrench in Lakewood.  Mike is a member of the CAR Board of Directors.









Q: How did you become involved in the recycling industry?

I was introduced by Darrell Smith  ( my dad ) at the age of 14 years old. I thought it was real cool to see the crashed cars. Eventually as I grew older I appreciated the value in recycling and selling the used parts. I continue to learn and become more indepth everyday.

What service does the auto recycling industry provide to the community?

It is a valuable way to help each and every customer by offering a valued price for a good alternative automotive part.

What do you see in the future for recycling?

I see the growth in used auto parts because of the availability for the end user to find them via the internet much easier than in the past.

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CAR has been making improvements to the website to better serve the need of our members.  One of these is the addition of a ‘Members Only’ section.  This section contains information and services that can help you to connect with other members to communicate information and share ideas.  Some of the features of this section include:

•    Access to information on Board activities including legislative updates.
•    The CAR newsletter is available providing important information to our members.
•    The Members Only Forum – designed to share information with all members in one easy to to use location.

When originally designed the page assigned a numeric user ID for those that registered.  The page has been update to allow those that wish to choose a more user friendly user ID to create one that is easier to remember!  Just go the registration link and create your new user id.

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