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ALL CAR Members: Call to help support HB 1299


The committee meeting for the Colorado State Senate Tranportation committee has been changed.  The committee will now meet regarding HB1299 on:

April 1, 2014 – 2:00opm.

If you are planning to attend the meeting in person please make note of this change.

If you are in a districts which one of the committee members serves please feel free to contact them at any time between now and the new meeting date.

Thank you for your support and we will keep you informed of the progress of HB1299.

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We have been in touch with CAR members regarding Colorado HB 1299 throughout the legislative session.  This is a bill that will address the 6 year exemption for reporting of vehicles under salvage title. CAR supports this as important consumer protection legislation.

The bill has passed through the Colorado House Transportation committee and has been passed by the Colorado State House of Representatives.  The next step in the process if for the bill to be approved by the Colorado State Senate Transportation Committee and then to be sent to the full Colorado Senate for approval.

HB 1299 will be heard in The Senate Transportation Committee this Thursday, March 27th at 10:00.  This meeting is open and you may attend in person.  CAR President Ryan Hochmiller and other CAR members will be on hand to testify before the committee.  If you are unable to attend in person and you live in the district of one of the committee members please call them to request their support for this bill.

We ill keep you all informed of the progress of the bill.  To read the revised copy of the bill click here.

Members Only Page: Valuable Information for CAR Members Only!


CAR has been making improvements to the website to better serve the need of our members.  One of these is the addition of a ‘Members Only’ section.  This section contains information and services that can help you to connect with other members to communicate information and share ideas.  Some of the features of this section include:

•    Access to information on Board activities including legislative updates.
•    The CAR newsletter is available providing important information to our members.
•    The Members Only Forum – designed to share information with all members in one easy to to use location.

When originally designed the page assigned a numeric user ID for those that registered.  The page has been update to allow those that wish to choose a more user friendly user ID to create one that is easier to remember!  Just go the registration link and create your new user id.

To sign up or to update your login click here and start sharing in the fun.

If you are already registered please click here and check out the information and applications available.


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