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CAR Annual Meeting – January 24, 2015 – Registration Open

Greetings everyone – registration is open for the CAR Annual Meeting and Safety Training for 2015!

The meeting is being held again at the PPA Event Center just north of Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium on Saturday, January 24th, 2015.  We are planning a few new twists that should make the meeting fun and informative.

We are also including a social event for the evening following the meeting at Unser Racing.  More details will be sent a little later.

There are exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities to provide access for members to various products to help run your business more efficiently and profitably.  And there will be a training session in the afternoon that will help you to fulfill one of your worker’s compensation policy requirements for the year.

If you would like more information on exhibiting or sponsoring the CAR Annual Meeting please click on the links below.

CAR Annual Meeting 2015 Exhibitor Form

CAR Annual Meeting 2015 Sponsorship Opportunities

If you would like to register to be an Exhibitor or Sponsor please click here.

Hope to see you all there!



Letter from CAR President

November 2014

Election day is right around the corner for Colorado’s 70th General Assembly. As a result of the passage of HB13-1303, all registered voters in Colorado have received their ballots via mail by now.  Referring to the new law, Reid Wilson of the Washington Post says this year’s election day has “officially become Election Month” for Colorado. This is an important election for those hoping to see the tides of control turn in the Colorado State House and Senate. The CAR Board and select members have been quite busy within the past couple months to ensure we are doing our part in making our voices heard on behalf of the CAR membership. Through our Political Action Committee, and under council of CAR’s lobby firm, Hicks and Associates, we chose to support 12 key candidates in tough races around the state. Where we had members within these candidates’ prospective districts, we planned for members to host their respective candidates for a general tour of the member’s facility, along with time put aside for a discussion to make the candidate aware of is- sues and interests of CAR’s members overall. This was largely successful and beneficial in many BIG ways for the CAR association. The educational and relational opportunities we pressed for will surely serve us well in the 70th General Assembly. These relationships are vital as we continue to review laws passed in the first half of 2014, and their implications on this membership; as well as reviewing future legislation, and choosing a side.  On behalf of the Board, I give a special thanks to those who were called upon and participated in this effort. Thank you to Norm Wright and his legislative committee for setting this in motion, RJ and Jay Hicks for their counsel, and Cheryl Dotson, our Executive Director who provided a large chunk of the footwork to organize all of the facilities and candidates to meet.
One CAR event we hosted this summer was a Rockies game.  On September 7th, with about 26,100 other Rockies fans, CAR members gathered for a Sunday afternoon Rockies game to talk a little business, but mostly to enjoy the game, weather, and each other’s company. We had a good turnout at the game, and the Rock’s swept the Padres, 6-0. Expect another sporting event in 2015!
As for normal business of the CAR Board, we’re gearing up for the 2015 Annual Meeting. Last year’s annual meeting was largely successful; and with this next meeting we hope to create some momentum for the years to come. Along with the raffle and auctions, there are some additions to the event, including a happy hour event and racing at Unser Racing after the meeting, new vendors, and a new slate of speakers. As for members, there will be some new faces, as well as some familiar faces you may not have seen in a while, and plenty of the faces you’re used to seeing each year. The attention we’ve gotten from vendors has been encouraging and is providing more revenue that allows us to afford improvements to the Annual meetings and toward our fiscal year.
In close, keep your eyes out for new notifications on recent changes in Colorado law that affects all of us, and for your registration for the Annual Meeting. As we’re entering the season, I wish you and your family happy holidays.

Ryan Hochmiller, 2014 CAR President

Check out the newest edition of the CAR Newsletter

The newest edition of the CAR Newsletter is hot off the presses!! Click here to check out the latest CAR News.

CAR Legislative victory recognized in ‘Locator’ magazine

Recently CAR President Ryan Hochmiller was interviewed for an article in the August edition of The Locator for our successful support of HB1299 which was a consumer safety for Colorado.  Click here to check out the article.  This is good exposure for our association on the national level.

Members Only Page: Valuable Information for CAR Members Only!


CAR has been making improvements to the website to better serve the need of our members.  One of these is the addition of a ‘Members Only’ section.  This section contains information and services that can help you to connect with other members to communicate information and share ideas.  Some of the features of this section include:

•    Access to information on Board activities including legislative updates.
•    The CAR newsletter is available providing important information to our members.
•    The Members Only Forum – designed to share information with all members in one easy to to use location.

When originally designed the page assigned a numeric user ID for those that registered.  The page has been update to allow those that wish to choose a more user friendly user ID to create one that is easier to remember!  Just go the registration link and create your new user id.

To sign up or to update your login click here and start sharing in the fun.

If you are already registered please click here and check out the information and applications available.


HB 1299 is now Colorado law



Through the efforts of the CAR Board of Directors and all of our members that reached out to their state representatives and senators HB 1299 was signed into law effective immediately on Friday, April 25, 2014.

To read more about our successful efforts and to find out how it effects our members click here to read more. CAR President Ryan Hochmiller explains in a letter to all members how we were able to get this passed despite strong opposition from the insurance lobby.


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